September 8th, 2007

Making Buttons

I Tried Googling this for days and have found nothing so i come here for answers.

When i used windows, i used photoshop cs2 to set up templates to make one inch buttons (For wearing) But now that i am using the GIMP in Linux, i can't seem to make things work.

I have 2 PSD files and a ATN file that would help me create the templates, is there anyway i can set this up in the GIMP so it can be simple and quick. I would love to be able to translate the ATN file to script-fu or get it working with the GIMP. I have Photoshop 7.0 running on linux, but it doesnt support the ATN file nor wrap around text, and i have no way of getting photoshop cs working on my computer.

i'm talking about this kind of software:

and the original files i was working with in Photoshop came from here. i was using the 1-inch design.

i need to get something like these files and the action file working in the GIMP or another linux program.

Who ever can help me get this working, i will mail you 10 Linux buttons of your choice.